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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. federal agents are stepping into investigate a fire in vallejo that they say could be a case of domestic terrorism. the fire burned the law offices of the mayor of vallejo, and a investigators are trying to figure out who might want to target the mayor and why. nbc bay area's monte francis has the latest on the investigation for us from vallejo. monte? >> reporter: well, diane, good evening. you can see behind me that the building has been all boarded
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up. the building is considered a total loss, although some of the contents were salvaged. agents from the fbi and the atf are expected to join this investigation some time tomorrow. when vallejo mayor osby davis saw the magnitude of the damage to the law office he shares with michael thompson, the mayor couldn't help but shed a few tears. davis later told the vallejo times herald to say he is upset would be an understatement. the fire was reported at about 1:30 saturday morning at the small office building on tuolumne street across from the solano superior court. investigators think someone set the fire intentionally. >> a suspicious fire at this time, it's under investigation and we hopefully have some more information in the coming days as to the cause of the fire. >> reporter: vallejo police say the same building has been targeted by vandals in the past few months, who have thrown rocks through windows. and while investigators search for a motive for the fire, they say they are now looking at all
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the possibilities, including if mayor davis has any political enemies who would want to target him. >> well, the fact that it involves the mayor of vallejo, the fact that he is a high profile figure in the city, it could be classified as a form of domestic terrorism. >> reporter: police say it's also possible the attorney who shares the office, michael thompson, could have been the target. both men are high profile figures in the community, which is why police say they're asking for help from the fbi. investigators say surveillance footage from cameras at the courthouse across the street could help them figure out who set the fire. >> so we're in the process right now of evaluating those cameras, evaluating the video footage from the cameras to determine whether or not there is any evidentiary value. >> reporter: and police will not say if they have any suspects at this point, but they are asking for the public's help, especially if you saw anything suspicious here on tuolumne street last night. live in vallejo, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thank you for the
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update. investigators in san jose are looking into how a fire started this evening that burned a warehouse. flames broke out around 2:30 this afternoon near the intersection of heading and tenth streets in san jose. dozens of firefighters worked for hours. for a while, the wind was carrying sparks towards some nearby apartment buildings, but the fire never spread. the warehouse had been abandoned for some time. no one was hurt, and the cause is still under investigation. pge is blaming a squirrel for knocking out power so some 11,000 customers in berkeley hills this afternoon. the initial outage happened around 5:00. pge says the squirrel got into equipment and caused the outage. then pge had to shut down the power again about 8:00 for 20 minutes to make another repair. the squirrel that caused all that damage did not survive. temperatures heating up around the bay area with some records perhaps in the next
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couple days and a warning from health officials. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with the latest. >> we still have that excessive heat watch for inland valleys tomorrow, plus the air quality as the winds start to calm. it's a pretty comfortable evening. 68 livermore. that's going to be the place to watch as the hottest spot around the bay area. the sea breeze still reaching into fairfield, but that will continue to back off as we go into sunday. warming temperature ace loft acting like a lid over the bay area, a spare the air day tomorrow. you'll see unhealthy ground level ozone levels heading through the afternoon. so the change we're going to see. we started the weekend with the low clouds inland. now that's going to get squished down during the day tomorrow. and just take a look at a sneak preview of temperatures tomorrow. the morning not so bad. mostly 60s outside. as we head towards 1:00, and 2:00, look at that, livermore, 95 degrees.
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2:00 still not near the hottest time of the day for the bay area. really tomorrow just a sign of things to come as we get back to the workweek. the hottest days ahead in the seven-day forecast will be as we get back into the workweek. we'll show you some of the summer-like changes ahead in the full seven-day forecast in a few minutes. diane? >> okay, thanks, rob. we have more information tonight on that mother accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter in the south bay in a failed shoplifting attempt. police arrested 38-year-old marci key land in nevada and she is expected to be extradited to the bay area on monday. she and her 10-year-old daughter were trying to steal groceries when the girl was caught and her mother drove off. authorities found her in a motel in fern lee, nevada. thousands of people packed a san francisco state university gym today to hear a world renowned activist speak. aung san suu kyi won the world peace prize in 1991, and one of the world's most prominent political activists. she is most known for spending
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15 years under house arrest in burma for opposing military rule. she was released two years ago. many in the audience today at usf were burmese residents who fled after the coup. the bay area is home to the nation's largest burmese community, and she is currently head of the main opposition group in parliament and pushing for a transition to democracy in burma. richmond police are looking into two fights that allegedly solved a city councilman. 68-year-old corky buse was arrested after getting into a scuffle with an activist. he claims david moore hit him as he was walking away from an argument. the 72-year-old moore claims he was assaulted. the fight happened right in front of a police officer who cited both of them. last week the councilman was accused of another assault. investigators are not releasing details, though, of that incident. buse has a reputation for aggressive politics, and he is not running for reelection this year. the vice presidential candidates took over the main campaigning today as the
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presidential candidates pe pair for wednesday's debate. workers at the university of denver actually started setting up for the debate today that is supposed to focus on domestic policy. nbc bay area's brian mooar has a look at what the candidates had to say today. >> reporter: days before the first presidential debate, mitt romney is hammering the president on foreign policy. >> when president obama was asked about the recent disruption and the chaos and violence in the middle east, he said that these were merely bumps in the road. >> how are you doing? >> god bless you, sir. >> thanks. >> reporter: bumps in the road also describe what's the romney campaign has been unable to avoid if recent weeks, costly distractions and discouraging poll numbers are upstaging the  message. >> look at what president obama did on the budget -- nothing! except borrow and spend. >> when they talk about the culture of dependency, about american decline, i can honestly say to you i don't recognize the country they're talking about. >> reporter: while vice president biden was fighting for
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votes in florida, the president was calling on congress to help homeowners, even as he defended his campaign's weak spot. >> so we're moving in the right direction, but we're not there. >> reporter: a point up for debate as the presidential candidates get ready for their first showdown on wednesday. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. and coming up next at 11:00, friends and family continue to speak out about that mother of five who was shot and killed by border patrol agents yesterday. what they're saying and what we're learning about her past tonight. i was 6, and my mom told me it would be okay. my mom spoke louder than thunder. >> from the soccer field to the apollo theater, we'll introduce you to the program that gave that fifth grade girl from a challenging bay area neighborhood a chance to show off all her talents. and the a's draw closer to the postseason after another dramatic victory showing off their talents. we'll show you where they currently stand.
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the fbi and local police in southern california are investigating the fatal shooting yesterday by a border patrol officer. police say the officer killed a 32-year-old woman after fearing for his life. family and friends say the mother of five did not deserve to die. elena gomez of our sister station in san diego has more. >> reporter: neighbors pay tribute to valeria alvarado, or monique as her family called her, with a memorial of flowers and blesses, many calling her innocent and in shock by the way she was killed. >> i don't think that it should have went down like that. i don't think the woman should have been shot. >> i think monique is an innocent person. >> reporter: yesterday the scene was much different than today. >> the agent actually was
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impacted, was hit by the vehicle and carried several hundred yards on the hood. >> reporter: border patrol agents say they were serving a felony warrant in the area, which alvarado is not a subject of. that's when they say alvarado allegedly tried to run over the agent with her car, forcing him to fire shots at her. >> my wife got killed for no reason right now, no reason. >> reporter: family say she was unjustifiably shot and witnesses say she was in reverse when the agent was walking toward her and firing, not in his uniform. >> the whole thing just didn't look right. >> reporter: we investigated valeria's criminal history and found a criminal court case in 2004. a spokesperson for the family says she was involved with drug possession eight years ago, but she never served time in jail and has been clean for years. >> it's a person. they're a part of this world, you know. and we're here for the family and our prayers and thoughts are with them today. >> and once again, that was elena gomez reporting. in los angeles, despite an unplanned stop to the work on the 405, the completion work should be completed in time for
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the monday morning commute. around 5:00 a chunk of the mulholland bridge fell on the freeway. officials had to halt the work for a little bit. officials have been warning people to avoid the area to avoid traffic backups. the bridge is being destroyed to widen the 405 freeway, which is one of the busiest freeways in the entire country. let's bring in henry wolford of comcast sportsnet right now for a look at sports. an incredible ending to the a's game. hello, henry! >> the a's play-off was coming down to the wire and down to the final five regular games of the season. how about fans of the green and gold? pretty blue for the first eight innings sunday. highlights of what happened afterwards straight ahead in sports. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the american league wild card is living up to the hype. the race to the postseason is as wild as it gets. the orioles and a's are in the drivers' seats right now. but look out for the angels, rays and white sox. they're within reach and definitely capable of running those teams down. let's go out to the coliseum. mariners and a's. 4-1 seattle. a's however, a chance and two on for brandon moss. doubles to right. coco crisp scores. and here comes stephen drew. there is no way they're going to get him, right? think again. he is out at the plate.
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4-2 seattle. so in the bottom of the ninth, the a's need some serious heroics. josh donaldson, call him a hero for now. two-run shot. and all of the sudden we're tied at four. but who would be the man to end this thing? two on for brandon moss. brandon moss is boss. three-run walk-off homer. the a's 14th walk-off this season. they win, 7-4. >> we never say die, until we record the 27th out, we're not going to quit. we showed that in texas. we fell a little bit short. today we get the last at-bat here. i think that's important. and you know, we came through when we needed to. and moss, a big-time homer, that was awesome. >> he has been so good for us. what a great job our front office to get him playing first base and get him here in a timely fashion when he was playing well. and he has been off to the races ever since.
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>> all right. over to the giants and padres. top of the first, hunter pence, he is playing long ball. three-run homer. first career 100 rbi season for him. giants up, 3-0. then chase headily says i can play a long ball two. 30th of the season for him. padres lead, 4-3. they win by a final of-3. college football time. hut one, hut two, let's go! arizona state, fourth quarter, cal trailing 20-10. zach maynard, look out for your family. keenan allen, his brother for the touchdown, doing a little toe tap. yeah, we call that a touchdown, no problem at all. for 79 yards. the bears cut the lead to three. sun devils' next possession, taylor kelly finds kevin. he takes it in for 22-yard score. asu back up 10.
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cal fall 27-17. the bears 1-4 on the season. they're headed in the wrong direction. san jose state headed in the right direction, taking on navy in indianapolis, maryland. first quarter, travis johnson. saabs trey miller. make that career number 26 tags for him. he has been unbelievable. then 9-0 in the fourth quarter. kyle nunn makes is nice diving grab in navy territory, sets up the 43-yard field goal by austin lopez. the freshman 4 for 4 on the day. san jose state shuts out navy, 12-0. and get this. they move to 4-1 on the season. one last note. u.s. ryder cup team leads europe 10-6 heading into sunday's matches. diane, busy, busy sunday. niners, raiders, we got a lot to talk about tomorrow. >> all right. and it was great to see san jose state today to do so well. thanks, henry. we are going to check in right with meteorologist rob
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mayeda on the weather. and it's going to be hot. hello, rob. >> we're going to see the a's game tomorrow right around just after 1:00. it's going to feel like a summer day out at the ballpark. and tonight we're seeing signs of warming for tomorrow. based on what we're seeing on the camera view, this is from san bruno mountain, notice the fog getting pressed down closer to the surface. san francisco seeing a little bit of low cloud cover there gorgeous view over the city tonight. look at that. you can see the fog there kind of set up right near the water's edge. we still have the sea breeze out there right now. the transition starting to take place tonight getting into tomorrow is that marine layer continuing to compress down. so inland spots will start to warm up. 90s for some of the warmer places tomorrow. livermore may be the exception. well could get close to 100 degrees there. and then around the inner bay, around san francisco and oakland, we'll see the temperatures starting to climb on up. 50s and 60s outside right now. 48 in novato. parts of the north bay a little chilly tonight. as the sea breeze backs off, temperatures climbing a few degrees each day through sunday.
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60s a 70s and 80s. santa clara south you will see the air quality levels taking a hit as the sea breeze backs off and he see the temperatures on the rise. no serious thunderstorms to talk about, just high pressure taking the low clouds and the ocean influence out of the forecast here as we head through tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow evening looks mainly clear, even out towards the coast. so 50s and some low 60s to start tomorrow morning. then as we get towards the afternoon, watch these temperatures around the bay area. we're talking some low 90s around san jose. upper 90s around morgan hill. closer to 100 degrees out by livermore. and then as you get into oakland and san francisco, we're talking 70s and mid 80s there to the north bay. low 90s in some of the warmer places, though i still think monday, especially for the tri-valley will be the hottest day of this mini heatwave as we get into the start of the workweek. if we can get to upper 90s to just above 100 degrees, those would break records for the bay area. we're going to see that
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opportunity probably through tuesday, and then a rapid cooldown for the middle of the week, swinging in the opposite direction by next weekend. >> thank you, rob. coming up at 11:00, how a bay area fifth grader from a tough part of town was able to showcase her writing talents on one of the biggest stages in the nation. we'll also explain the soccer connection here.
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the popularity of poetry slam continues to grow, and the bay area is making a name for itself when it comes to the competitive art of performance poetry. and today we met up with a fifth grader from the city's tenderloin, whose skills sent her to a national competition at harlem's apollo theater. nbc bay area's kimberly tere explains, this girl calls herself a poet athlete.
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>> reporter: 5th grader nazrene was able to find her voice thanks to a nonprofit called america scores bay area that combines soccer with poetry in urban schools. >> my poem. >> reporter: the 10-year-old poet/athlete from morocco is being raised by a single mother. >> my mom held me tightly. she held me tightly like saturn holding its rings. we were in morocco on a camel's back. the camel smelledly bitter chocolate, but i wasn't scared because my mom held me tightly. >> reporter: she says she draws inspiration from her own life. >> i heard thunder, loud as a howling wolf. i saw a flash of lightning outside my bedroom window in san francisco. i was six when my mom told me it would be okay. my mom spoke louder than thunder. my mom is strong. she is shaped like a mountain
11:26 pm
just for me. every week she climbs the hills of castro to raise money to support me. >> reporter: she had a chance to perform this poem as part of the poetry slam, an experience she says she will never forget. today we caught up with her at candlestick park with 800 other poet athletes. they were trying to break the guinness book of world records for the most soccer balls dribbled at one time. >> very happy and excited. >> reporter: her mom mina says she is grateful to america scores which has changed both of their lives and countless others. the nonprofit serve morse than one thousand impoverished students in the bay area. whether on the field, at school or on the stage, mina says she is her daughter's biggest fan. and it appears through poetry the sentiment is reciprocated. >> my mother's love for me is strong. she opens the gate. scrambling puts them together. she teaches me what she learned
11:27 pm
in her childhood. her wisdom will love on in me. thank you. >> yay, that's awesome. bravo! >> reporter: in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> aww, all right. the team did reportedly break the guinness book of world records. they needed 2,0069 distributors. they ended up with 2,949 out at candlestick. 800 were from the bay area. san francisco is getting ready for a major conference that is expected to cause some traffic delays. here is your warning. oracle open world will be at the moscone center starting tomorrow through wednesday. nearly 50,000 people are expected to attend the conference. parts of howard and taylor streets are scheduled to be closed, and several munni lines are being rerouted as well. plan for draft delays south of market near the moscone sunday sunday through wednesday. you've been warned. and it's going to be hot. >> that's true. >> thanks for joining us. for nbc bay area news at 11:00.
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